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One place for all dogs and dog lovers...

  • Present your dog internationally 
  • Sell your puppy or adult dog all over the World
  • Inform about planned litters or stud dogs
  • Create your handler or groomer profile
  • Join to global marketplace for kennels, dog owners, handlers and groomers
  • Meet the dog lovers and contact them
  • Take the opportunity to be contacted by potential buyers 
  • Add show results, awards or working exams
  • Show your photos or videos


1.1 This general terms and conditions (“GTC”) regulate the rights and obligations of Zorica Pavlovic PR Internet prodavnica Apetitpetshop with its registered office at Partizanska 1 36210, Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, organization ID No. 63329843, tax ID No.  108260009, registered in the Serbian Business Registers Agency (referred to as the “Company”), and other entities using the Internet portal of the Company www.gogodogo.com (referred to as the “Portal”).
1.2 The Company offers one place where dog breeders, dog owners, dog handlers and dog groomers may present themselves and their dogs. The Company also offers space for services between individual registered users as well as between registered and unregistered users (referred to as the “Services”). The Company reserves the right to provide Services associated with the Premium Account for consideration, with the scope of the paid Services and the amount of the price for those Services being exclusively up to the discretion of the Company. 
1.3 GTC:
1.3.1 Portal - Internet Portal that serves exclusively for the presentation of dog breeders, dog owners, dog handlers and dog groomers;
1.3.2 Owner of a Dog - a person or legal entity that owns a dog, but has no dog kennel;
1.3.3 Breeder - a person or legal entity that has a dog kennel;
1.3.4 Handler - a person who offers the service of exhibiting a dog for dog owners and breeders;
1.3.5. Groomer - a person who offers the service of hygienic care, cleaning and grooming a dog;
1.3.6 Unregistered User - person who has visited the Portal and is not registered on it; the person has the possibility to use the Portal, but has not the possibility to contact users;
1.3.7 Candidate - person or legal entity who is interested to become a registered user;
1.3.8 Registration Day - the day of e-mail confirmation to the provided e-mail address of the candidate;
1.3.9 Registered User - a candidate to whom the notification message has been sent to the provided e-mail address with confirmation of the registration;
1.3.10 Registered User Account - the account allowing a Registered User to contact another Registered User or to publish the presentation of his activities relating to dog breeding or to the performance of dogs exhibition;
1.3.11 Premium Account - is a paid account of a Registered User that enables the use of extended functionality.
1.4 A Registered User and an Unregistered User could use the Portal and the Unregistered User agree with the fact that by using the Portal he agrees to these GTC as well as to the fact that all the obligations stated in these GTC, in particular, but without limitation to, point 4.5.2 and 4.5.10 of these GTC, apply to him accordingly in the same way as with the Registered User.
1.5 A regulation of the mutual rights and obligations between individual Registered Users that are not regulated in these GTC depends solely on an agreement between the individual Registered Users.

2.1 The Company provides space for a Registered User - which enables him to use the possibilities offered by the Portal, depending on the type of the user account that the Registered User has chosen.
2.2 A pre-condition for using the Portal is the registration of the Candidate at the Portal (“registration”) and the activation of the Registered User Account  - a link to the Portal sent to the Candidate’s e-mail (“account activation”). By the registration, the Candidate confirms that he has been informed of the GTC and that he agrees to the content.
2.3 If the Candidate activates the Premium Account, the Registered User is entitled, after payment of the price for the Premium Account, to take the benefits to the extent of the Premium Account not later than two business days subsequent to the payment. Failure to use the Premium Account does not affect the Operator’s claim to be paid the price of the Premium Account and the user does not have a claim to have it returned. 

3.1 The Candidate could request the registration of a user account as a(n):
3.1.1 owner of a dog;
3.1.2 breeder;
3.1.3 handler;
3.1.4 groomer.
3.2 The Company could register a Candidate, provided that he has fully completed and sent the registration form and provided that a notification message on the registration has been delivered to the provided e-mail address of the Candidate.
3.3 By sending the registration form, the Candidate declares that:
3.3.1 he has read these GTC, the complaints rules and the personal data protection and cookies policy of the Company and he agrees with them without reservation;
3.3.2 the premium account is subject to charges and is limited in time in accordance with the GTC;
3.3.3 the data necessary for the registration of the Candidate is true, correct and complete;
3.3.4 the Company does not examine the correctness of the data provided by the Candidate in the registration form and the Company does not examine whether the conditions specified in point 3.2 have been met;
3.3.5 if the candidate does not meet the pre-conditions set out in 3.2 of these GTC constitutes a reason for a removal of the Registered User Account by the Company. 
3.4 After full completion and sending of the registration form, a notification message containing a link which the Candidate shall activate the Registered User Account will be sent to the e-mail address of the Candidate.
3.5 With the Account activation, the Candidate becomes a Registered User and the registration form becomes a user account.
3.6 The Registered User takes due note of the fact that:
3.6.1 the registration at the Portal is not limited in time;
3.6.2 the content of his account will be - with the exception of his data: residence/registered office, e- mail, phone number and date of birth - available to other Registered Users;
3.6.3 he is responsible for the content placed in his account. 
3.7 The use of the possibilities offered by the Portal, depending on the type of user account, should be terminated by:
3.7.1 removal of the account by the Registered User at any time and without giving a reason;
3.7.2 removal of the account by the Company in the event of violation of these GTC, in particular, but without limitation to, points 4.4 , 4.5 and 4.6. 

4.1 A Registered User has the right to use the Portal in a manner consistent with the purpose for which the Portal has been established. 
4.2 The Company could provide the registered user a space for presentation of himself being accessible to the public, even for unregistered users, depending on the type of account:
4.2.1 an Owner of a Dog - basic information about the owner and the dog;
4.2.2 a Breeder - basic information about the kennel and the dog;
4.2.3 a Handler - basic information about the handler
4.2.4 a Groomer - basic information about the groomer
4.3 A Registered User has the right to remove his account at the Portal at any time.
4.4 A Registered User is required to give true information in his account and he is required to update the information already provided during registration.
4.5 A Registered User undertakes not to:
4.5.1 present offensive, discriminatory or otherwise, sharing inappropriate information or photos and presentations in his account;
4.5.2 spam other registered users on any way, particularly by sending information representing commercial communication or advertising;
4.5.3 present as a fictitious person or a person with a different identity;
4.5.4 give untrue, offensive, unverified or misleading information about another person;
4.5.5 add information, photos or presentations to his account:
- the consequence of which is the unauthorized use of the name of a legal entity or which, in any way, interfere with the positive reputation of a legal entity;
- which, in any way, violate rights by unfair competition, violate the personality rights, intellectual property or industrial property rights of third parties as well as the trade secret or another secret protected by law;
- which contain elements of pornography, violence, national or ethnic hatred, consumption of spirits or other narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances;
- unrelated to the subject-matter of the website;
4.5.6 add the data that contain viruses or other malware that are capable of making damage to the Portal;
4.5.7 register more than one account on the Portal;
4.5.8 interfere, in any way, with the account of another Registered User;
4.5.9 provide a third party with the Registered User Account password;
4.5.10 act in a manner that harms the Company or other portals linked to the Portal. 
4.6 A Registered User agrees not to counsel other Registered Users to use other portals that are or may be of competitive nature in relation to the Portal.

5.1 The Company is only liable to the Registered User and solely for paid Services provided by the Company.
5.2 The Company is not liable for an interruption of the functioning of the Portal’s operation and reserves the right to unannounced outages due to technical maintenance of the Portal.
5.3 The Company acts solely as an operator of services offered by Registered Users and it does this by providing space for presentation to Registered Users on the Portal. The Company does not enter into the direct relationship between the individual Registered Users or between Registered Users and Unregistered Users of the Portal.
5.4 The Company is not responsible for the quality of contents or services presented by individual Registered Users on the Portal. 
5.5 The Company does not guarantee that a Registered User is a breeder, owner of a dog, handler or groomer.
5.6 The Company is not liable for the content published in the Registered User Account.
5.7 The Company is not liable for direct, indirect or extraordinary damage caused by the use of information from the Portal.
5.8 The Company is not responsible for any damage caused by a faulty connection to the Portal. The user of the Portal is responsible for Protection of the data located in his computer.
5.9 The Company is not responsible for a possible violation of intellectual property rights of third parties by a Registered User.
5.10 The Company is not liable for a possible violation of these GTC by Registered Users. 
5.11 The Company reserves the right to use photos or presentations of goods and services of Registered Users for the purpose of presenting the Portal by the Company and the Registered User confirms that by completing and sending the registration form.
5.12 The Company reserves the right to terminate the Portal without giving any reason or claim. In case of termination of the Portal, no obligations towards Registered Users arise for the Company.
5.13 The Company reserves the right to remove inappropriate content from a Registered User Account and after repeated publication of inappropriate content by a Registered User the Company reserves the right to remove the Registered User Account.

6.1 The relationship of the Registered User and the Company are regulated by these GTC and generally binding legislation valid in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.
6.2 The Registered User agree that personal data protection is regulated separately in the document “Personal Data Protection and Cookies Policy” of the Company.
6.3 The Company reserves the right to change these GTC, the complaints rules, the price of the Premium Account as well as the personal data protection and cookies policy at any time. Additions to these GTC, the complaints rules, the price of the Premium Account as well as the personal data protection and cookies policy should become valid on the day of their publication on the Portal. 
6.4 By using the Portal, the Registered User accepts these GTC without reservation. 
6.5 These GTC shall become valid and effective on 10.12.2018.

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