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GogoDogo have offered a free trial period until 31.12.2021. At the end of free trial period all ,,Free'' members could become ,,Premium’’ and could enjoy all the beneftis of portal (see "premium account beneftis") for the special price of EUR 19,99 - yearly membership, or could stay as a "Free" member without any charge. There are several ways to pay yearly membership and become "Premium" member after free trial period:

  • Members from Serbia payment via bank transfer on RSD account 170-50021490003-29 in the amount of RSD 2400,00, (Receiver Zorica Pavlovic PR Internet Prodavnica ApetitPetShop, Partizanska br. 1, 36210 Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia)
  • All other countries - EUR 19,99
    • payment via bank transfer on EUR account
      number/ IBAN: RS35170005002149000135, SWIFT adress: BACXRSBG, Benneficiary bank: UniCredit Bank Serbia JSC
      (Download GogoDogo payment instructions EUR)
    • payment via PAY PALL or by card via PAY PALL

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