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About us

Welcome to GogoDogo - an online platform for dog lovers by dog lovers. Here you can find all the dog-related pieces of information and services in one place. Whether you’re searching for the best dog handler or tips and tricks about dog training, GogoDogo is a place to be if you are a dog owner. We’re glad you’re here!


Our mission

As dog owners and dog lovers, we’ve constantly searched for different products or services online. It turns out there is no place or platform where a dog owner can get all the data, recommendations and prices for dog food, dog grooming services, etc. So we came up with the idea to start our own website and make everything visible and easy to find for every dog owner around the world in one place.

Our primary goal was to build a network of dog owners, service providers and all the dog lovers out there. We’ve made this unique platform where, when you register, you enter a whole new world where everything caters your dog needs!

GogoDogo is easy to use, and we are trying to make it even better. You will need only a few minutes or so to make an account and start searching for a product or a service your dog needs.


What you can find on GogoDogo.com?

GogoDogo is like social media for dog lovers. On our website you can find:

  1. dog owners,
  2. kennels,
  3. groomers,
  4. dogs for sale,
  5. planned litters,
  6. our blog posts with useful tips and tricks,
  7. news about important dog shows and many other things.

Also, can enter our Facebook group Dog owners international and follow us on other social platforms.

Check out GogoDogo.com and join our community!

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